Providing service to members is the reason for the AAEA's existence. Some of the services we provide are listed below.


The collection and dissemination of information pertinent to the membership of the organization is an important part of the services provided. The AAEA publishes a monthly newsletter, the Administrator, two quarterly journals, The Instructional Leader and School Law Review, and provides information through this web page. Several of the constituent associations also publish newsletters for their members.

Professional Development 

The Association sponsors state and regional conferences, workshops and electronic learning opportunities for the professional growth of its members. The constituent associations also assist with professional development at state and national levels.

Legislative Influence 

During the Arkansas General Assembly, AAEA staff attend and testify before committees, vital to education, conduct weekly briefings for members, and maintain a daily web page of legislative action. Following adjournment of the General Assembly, the Law Supplement which contains education laws enacted during the new session is posted on the AAEA website and available to all members. The Association also maintains contact with members of the Arkansas General Assembly and the U.S. Congress on a continuing basis. 

Coordination with Other School-Related Organizations

The AAEA maintains contact and partnerships with other school-related state organizations which are dedicated to the improvement of educational programs. 

Placement Assistance 

The AAEA assists in administrator placement by disseminating to its membership in its monthly newsletter a listing of administrative vacancies that exist within the state. 

Professional Staff Recruitment Assistance 

The AAEA offers to its members on a subscription basis, an online job-site database. Subscribers may post teaching and administrative job opportunities in their school districts on the job-site. Job posting include comprehensive information about vacancies and application information. Educators looking for a position in Arkansas can browse the job listing at no cost. 

Legal Services 

The AAEA provides limited legal services to members on issues that cannot appropriately be handled by the local school district's attorney.