AAEA, in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Education, develops and implements the Beginning Administrator Induction Program - Year 1. The Year 1 experience is comprised of a series of face to face and virtual meetings that provide beginning principals, assistant principals, curriculum program administrators and special education administrators with support and training aimed at helping those new administrators successfully adjust to their new roles in education. Included in these meetings is mandatory attendance at the annual AAEA Summer Conference held in Little Rock at the Convention Center. There is no registration fee for the Beginning Administrators. In addition to the Summer Conference, all Beginning Administrators will be required to attend the face to face Quest 1 Training held regionally at five Educational Coops (TBA) and the AAEA Offices located in Little Rock. This training is required by ADE of all new administrators in order for the administrators to evaluate teachers. In addition to those two required events, three additional Quests will be held regionally and are directed specifically at challenges faced by beginning administrators. These sessions will be conducted by staff members of AAEA and ADE, as well as, current practicing administrators from around the state.

AAEA and ADE also recognize that we need to differentiate our training opportunities especially as related to our curriculum program and special education administrators. In addition to the Quest opportunities listed above, we will have specific opportunities for these administrators including the following:

Curriculum Administrators

Arkansas Association of Federal Coordinator’s (AAFC) Fall Conference in September
Arkansas Association of Gifted Education Administrator’s (AAGEA) Conference in September
Arkansas Association of Curriculum and Instruction Administrator’s (AACIA) Conference in February
Arkansas Association of Federal Coordinator’s (AAFC) Spring Conference in May

Special Education Administrators

Arkansas Association of Special Education Administrator’s (AASEA) in June
Mentoring Meetings with Current Special Education Administrators

The registration cost for those opportunities will be covered by the Beginning Administrator grant. Any additional costs would be the responsibility of the administrator’s district.