This organization shall be known as the Arkansas School Plant Management Association, synonymously referred to as ASPMA.



1. Determine the nature, extent and quality of non-instructional services required for the educational program, and to promote the development of these services by establishing acceptable policies, standards, and practices.

2. Develop a working relationship with instructional personnel to foster the progress and improvement of the educational program.

3. Promote the professional advancement of school plant management.



The Association shall have four classes of members—Active, Associate, Industry, and Life Time Associate.

1. **ACTIVE: Active members shall be restricted to school personnel, school superintendents or superintendents’ representatives in the State of Arkansas who are actively engaged in the administration of school plant management. The immediate family of active members shall be entitled to attend annual conferences with the payment of appropriate registration fees. Membership will require joining AAEA and selecting ASPMA as a constituent group.

2. ASSOCIATE: Associate membership shall be extended to school administrators, members of boards of public instruction, university students, retired school employees and any other school employees. Associate members may attend meetings of the Association, but may not vote or hold office. The immediate family of associate members shall be entitled to attend annual conferences with the payment of appropriate registration fees.

3. INDUSTRY: Industry membership shall be open to reputable business concerns, who are licensed to do business in the State of Arkansas.

4. LIFE TIME ASSOCIATE: All past presidents that are not actively engaged in the administration of school plant management. (Retired)



1. **The annual dues will be set by the board no later than the fall planning meeting and will be based upon the due structure of AAEA.

2. Life Time Associate Members are exempt.

3. Dues shall become due and payable before the annual meeting.



The officers of the Association shall be the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Parliamentarian and the Secretary-Treasurer. The Board of Directors shall consist of the five Officers, Active Past Presidents, Director of Maintenance, Director of Operations and the seven District Representatives. In addition, there shall be an Advisor. This person may be employed in the Division of Public School Academic Facilities Section of the Arkansas Department of Education.


ELECTION OF OFFICERS All officers of the Association shall be elected at the annual meeting for a period of one year.

1. The President, President-Elect who shall succeed to President, Vice President who shall succeed to President Elect, shall not be elected to the same office for more than one consecutive term. The Secretary-Treasurer and Parliamentarian shall be elected annually and may serve more than one consecutive term.

2. The term of office for all officers shall begin at the close of the annual meeting each year.

3. Should any vacancy occur among officers or District Representatives, the President shall appoint an active member to complete the un-expired term.

4. Nominating Committee—The Nominating Committee shall be immediate Past President and the District Representatives. The Nominating Committee shall nominate a person or persons for the elective officers and directors, and the names shall be submitted to the Board not later than the last day of the annual meeting. The Secretary shall then record said nomination list, if and when elected.

5. One Director-at-Large for a period of one year. This shall be the immediate Past President.


District Representatives shall be elected for a term of two years by members of the Association.

Even numbered districts will be elected in even numbered years

Odd numbered districts will be elected in odd numbered years.

District No. 1 — Faulkner, Perry, Saline

District No. 2 — Baxter, Boone, Carroll, Conway, Johnson, Madison, Marion, Newton, Pope, Searcy, Van Buren

District No. 3 — Clay, Cleburne, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Fulton, Greene, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Mississippi, Poinsett, Randolph, St. Frances, Sharp, Stone, White, Woodruff.

District No. 4 — Calhoun, Clark, Columbia, Dallas, Garland, Hempstead, Hot Springs, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Montgomery, Nevada, Ouachita, Pike, Polk, Sevier, Union.

District No. 5 — Arkansas, Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Lee, Lincoln, Monroe, Phillips, Prairie.

District No. 6--- Grant, Jefferson, Lonoke, Pulaski

District No. 7—Benton, Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Sebastian, Scott, Washington, Yell



1. The Board of Directors, in addition to its normal function, shall act as the Program Committee.

2. The President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association. He shall:

a. With the assistance of the Board of Directors and the Department of Education, develop the program for the general sessions.

b. Preside at meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, and maintain liaison with other school related groups.

c. Determine that the Committee Chairman calls meetings as specified or needed. The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee.

d. Approve all expenses incurred by the Association as outlined in Article X.

e. At the annual conference immediately upon being elected to office, has the responsibility to select the site, dates, and the program theme for the next statewide meeting and announce committee chairmen and committee members to assist him.

3. The President-Elect shall act for the President in his absence.

4. The Vice-President shall serve as Membership Chairman and perform other related duties assigned by the President and act for the President-Elect in his absence.

5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall:

a. Maintain accurate records of proceedings, correspondence, reports and moneys collected and disbursed, membership files and other such records as may be required by the Association.

b. Compile and distribute proceedings of the annual meetings of the Association.

c. Act as custodian for all finances and property of the Association, compile accurate annual reports thereof, and transfer to his successor complete and accurate accountings of all such finances, records and property of the Association within thirty (30) days following the annual meeting.

d. Approve all expenses incurred by the Association as outlined in Article X.

e. Transfer to his successor complete and accurate records, minutes, and membership rolls within thirty (30) days following the annual meeting.

f. Perform other related duties assigned by the President.

6. The Advisor shall:

a. Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors.

b. Serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and serve as ex-officio member of all committees.

c. Provide assistance to the President and President-Elect in the discharge of their duties.

7. The Parliamentarian shall:

a. Attend all meetings.

b. Maintain By Laws of the Association

c. Conduct a roll call vote if requested by the president.

8. Director of Operations shall:

a. Keep order during the meetings of the Conference.

b. Encourage members to attend sessions when their presence is necessary to make a quorum.

c. Perform other related duties assigned by the President.

d. Plan and coordinate President’s reception hour.

9. Director of Maintenance shall:

a. Assist Presenters and Presiders with needed equipment or supplies for presentation

10. Director at Large:

a. Represent ASPMA at the National Convention.

b. Serve as chairman of the nominating committee.

11. District Representatives.

a. Represent ASPMA in their districts.

b. Serve on the nominating committee.



1. The Board of Directors as defined in Article V shall be a permanent committee and act in the name of the Association in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Association. This Board shall approve conference time and site, approve proposed conference theme and meet as deemed necessary during the year to conduct Association business.

2. Special committees may be appointed by the President to serve specific needs. Such committees shall not be permanent and shall cease to exist when their function has been achieved or a new president has been installed.

3. The chairman of all appointed committees shall be responsible for submitting an interim report to the President upon request.

4. The President shall appoint the audit committee consisting of one Active Past President, one district representative, the Vice President, and the President-Elect to audit the records of the Secretary/Treasurer each year. The report of this Committee will be made at the summer meeting.



1. The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at the annual conference. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the President. District meetings may be held under the auspices of the Association. District meetings shall be presided over by the District Representative with the assistance of any officer in attendance. Minutes of the meeting shall be taken in writing and given to the Secretary-Treasurer.



Funds will be distributed by AAEA from the ASPMA checking account under the direction of the ASPMA President and/or the ASPMA Board. The President and Treasurer may spend up to $2,500 before board approval is required. The Vice President may spend up to $1,500 and the treasurer may spend up to $1,500 before board approval is required.



1. Amendments or revisions to the bylaws must be proposed to the President prior to the annual meeting of the Association. The President shall refer such changes to the Board of Directors for their consideration and approval or rejection at their next meeting. The Board of Directors shall adopt or reject the proposed changes. Such amendments or revisions shall be determined by a two-thirds majority vote of active members present at business section of the annual meeting. Changes go into effect immediately upon adoption.

2. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Revised (seventy-fifth anniversary edition), shall govern the Association.

3. A majority of the active members present at an annual or special meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

4. The term of membership and fiscal year of the Association shall be from the first day of the annual meeting to the first day of the next annual meeting.













Article XIII

**Conference Partnership Program

The implementation of the Conference Partners Program will be conducted under the oversight of the Conference Partner Coordinator working closely with the President and other effected officers of the association.

Conference Partners will be made available to any and all interested vendors doing business with Arkansas schools.

Conference Partners will be available from end of conference to two months prior of next conference of any given years. This will allow for the benefits afforded a Corporate Partner to be put into place in a timely manner.

The Conference Partner Coordinator shall;

Receive payments for Conference Partnership(s) and forward payments(s) to the AAEA, and notify the president of the receipt of payment(s). The President will acknowledge, in writing, the receipt of the payment and express the Associations gratitude to each Sponsor.

Take steps to insure special recognition is given to Conference Partner(s) at all Association activities, and recognition for meals, door prizes, etc., is given when due. As part of this recognition, a poster containing the name(s) of Conference Partner(s) is to be displayed at the conference banquet.

Coordinate with Partner(s), the president, and the printing company to include advertisement [Full page for Diamond and Platinum Partner(s), ½ page for Gold and Silver Partner(s)] in the conference agenda.

Coordinate with the President to provide Diamond, Platinum and Gold Partner(s) an opportunity to host a training session at the annual conference as schedule allows.

Coordinate with Diamond and Platinum partner(s) and the President to include Partner(s) provided brochure(s) in the annual conference registration package.

Coordinate with Diamond and Platinum Partner(s) and the president to include Partner(s) provided brochure in one mail-out to active ASPMA members.

Coordinate with Exhibit Coordinator and Diamond/Platinum Partner(s) in the selection of booth space for the spring conference. This would be accomplished on a "first paid-first choice” order. Coordinator will also provide Exhibit Coordinator with name(s) of Gold and Silver Partner(s) 30 days prior to the conference for inclusion in booth assignment for the spring conference.

Provide Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Partner(s) with ASPMA logo for use on their company’s advertising for the current year of partnership. Also review prior Partner(s)’s advertising to insure ASPMA logo is ceased to be used if partnership is not current.

Coordinate with website manager and Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Partner(s) to provide companies information and e-mail link on AAEA website.

Coordinate with Secretary/Treasurer to insure Partner(s) receive a current list of ASPMA members following the annual conference. (This list is provided to all vendors who exhibit at this conference.)