AAEA prides itself on being a professional association offering a full line of services, all critical to the success of today’s busy school administrator. Prompted by a self-study process, the AAEA Board of Directors has adopted a mission and vision statement. Goals were added to give focus to the Association’s work.

The Board’s intent was to create a plan document to guide the organization toward achievement of its vision while providing staff maximum freedom to innovate and lead the organization.

The mission statement is an expression of the Association’s reason for being. The vision describes what the future will be when goals are met and the mission is fulfilled. This work provides standards of organizational behavior and reflects commitment to meeting demands of a new era.


The Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators is a united alliance of diverse school leaders and an effective force for the highest quality public education for all children. Our mission is to insure high standards of leadership by providing quality professional development, influencing education legislation and policy, stimulating and fostering support and building successful coalitions.


AAEA’s vision is to be the primary resource for school administrators by promoting and providing leadership for the advancement of education, and by engaging in activities that foster a public understanding and support for quality education.

  • To provide programs and activities that focus on leadership development resulting in high levels of student achievement
  • To impact laws, policies and regulations to improve the quality and value of education for all children
  • To recognize and respect diversity and to build upon commonalities between the various constituent groups within AAEA to achieve mutual goals to benefit the students of Arkansas
  • To be the professional home for all Arkansas school administrators by providing the resources and tools necessary for effective leadership that results in greater student achievement
  • To be the connecting point and one-stop access for school leaders by providing a comprehensive website to bring news, information and advocacy on vital issues pertaining to education and children
  • To be recognized and respected by state and federal policy makers as leaders in education and advocates for children