AASBO provides various services to its members and associates, designed to impact in a positive manner the functions of school business administration, and its impact on the effective delivery of educational opportunities.


School business leaders have the opportunity to network in order to meet, discuss, and study all phases of public school business administration. For more information about this service, e-mail: r.keene@theaaea.org

Many people who participate in this professional associations describe AASBO as a place to get knowledge and encouragement from other school business officials. Meeting with others in your professional area always leads to finding new ways, new ideas, about how to handle the issues that face us everyday.


School business officials benefit from affiliations with other state school leaders in the AAEA who serve in different area of school administration, including curriculum, support programs, and personnel. For more information, e-mail: r.keene@theaaea.org

Education is a complex business. There are many areas in which leadership works to achieve one ultimate goal...the education of K-12 students in our state. As such, leadership in this profession is also complex, and requires the cooperation and understanding of all involved to succeed with such a lofty goal. AASBO membership and participation provide opportunities to cooperate and communicate with other school leadership groups such as superintendents, principals, special education, gifted education, and personnel administrators.


The voices and opinions of school business leaders are used to influence and positively impact legislation and state board/department of education policies and rules that affect school business practice in Arkansas. For more information, e-mail: shawn.higginbotham@lhwolves.net

Education seems to be in a constant flux of change, which leads to legislative and policy adjustments which in turn affect the school business official's role. As a group, AASBO senses a responsibility to positively affect these changes. Communication with legislators, state officials, and ADE leaders is critical to that positive influence.

Professional Development

Opportunities are provided for school business leaders and officials to learn the right way, better ways, and new ways of doing things in school business from practitioners in the field. For more information call Robyn Keene or Karen Dean at the AAEA office, phone number 501-372-1691 or e-mail: r.keene@theaaea.org or k.dean@theaaea.org.

"Working smarter...not harder" is often the prescription for more success and less stress. Professional development should equip the school business official with the knowledge, skills, and resources to do what we do better...with more accuracy, more efficiency, and more relevance.