Act 1591 of 2007

"An Act to promote best financial management practices and to require minimum qualifications for general business managers of public schools"

General Business Manager (GBM) is defined as a Chief Financial Officer or Business Manager, however the position is titled, who is responsible for the fiscal operations of the public school district, open enrollment charter school, or education service cooperative and performs his or her duties under the direction of the Superintendent of the public school district or the Director of the open enrollment charter school or education service cooperative.

1. School districts, open enrollment charter schools and education service cooperatives are required to report the name and qualification status of its General Business Manager (GBM) in the Cycle 1 report.
2. GBMs employed prior to July 31, 2007 shall be exempt from these minimum qualifications as long as they remain with the same school district.
3. The named GBM must either meet the qualifications of a Certified Arkansas School Business Official (CASBO) OR be enrolled in the CASBO required courses of study.
4. If not already a certified CASBO, then the named GBM must complete at least 5 CASBO courses per year and must complete the 10 required courses and 5 elective courses within 3 years.
5. The 3-year time frame for completing the 15 CASBO courses begins July 1 preceding the Cycle 1 report naming the business official as district GBM. Once the training is complete, the school business official becomes a "Certified General Business Manager" (CGBM).
6. A Certified General Business Manager must renew his or her certificate by completing at least two upper level CASBO courses per year after the date of certification.